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What the Press says about The Beach House:

National Magazines:

"From the moment couples arrive at the three-story house nestled in the dunes, they know a great weekend is in store... there aren't many bed-and-breakfasts on the Alabama Coast - and certainly not one as spectacular as this."

     Southern Living, May 1996 (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi edition), May 1997 (Louisiana edition)

"At 6:30 on a spring morning, wearing only a robe, I strolled along the beach bare feet digging into the whitest, purest sand I'd ever seen. The sun climbed up the horizon as I passed dunes topped by bright green bushes and yellow wildflowers. Guiding - and occasionally herding - me was Lucy, the resident dog of The Beach House, the nifty bed-and-breakfast where I was staying. Moments later, she led me to the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, where the waves rushing in were turquoise, fringed with dark green... as I stepped into the water, I realized I was at peace."

     New Choices, March 1997

"Wrapped in porches and set amid sand dunes on Alabama's Gulf Coast, the Beach House lives up to its description as a "Bed and Breakfast by the Sea." Sit a while in a swing chair suspended from the ceiling of the screened porch and it's likely that you'll spot a dolphin frolicking in the distance where the water meets the horizon. Take a walk in the [nearby] Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. Or run along the beach catching a salty breeze Life's daily intrusions don't exist here. Entering into this world is as easy as walking through one of the porch's French doors into a large living room, where rough-hewn columns 'rise like the masts of old sailing ships,' the Shackelford's intent. Exposed beams and book-lines walls bask in the filtered light from floor-to-ceiling windows draped in billowing gauze. Guest rooms carry through the mood - uncluttered, breezy, zephyr-light, allowing one to practically taste the sea. Expanses of pale pine floors scattered with Oriental rugs and walls painted in soft colors reflect the natural light. Breakfasts are served on the porch or in the kitchen, while a refrigerator and pantry stocked with snacks are always available. Early risers want to watch the sun illuminate sky. A little later, the table in the kitchen becomes the center of attention, set for Carol's tantalizing breakfast spreads. Her specialties include, a decadent baked peaches and cream French toast sprinkled with nutmeg"

     Country Inns, October 1997

"The Beach House is a big, rambling bed-and-breakfast with individual guest rooms perched high atop the sand dunes. Its upper and lower porches circle the house providing a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico. Here you'll find peace, serenity and abundance of southern hospitality."

     Pathfinders Travel, Summer/Fall 1998

"When summer fog billows in through the Golden Gate near my home in Northern California, I yearn for the quintessential beach: inviting warm water, vast stretches of white sand, weathered seaside cottages. I discovered such a beach and a rambling three-story bed-and-breakfast, aptly named the Beach House. Jutting up from the grassy dunes, the retreat has a basket filled with rubber thongs and another stuffed with terry-cloth towels waiting by the front door: beachcombers' essentials. Long views of live oaks and sugar-white sand stretch uninterrupted from screened porches, light-filled guest rooms, and decks silvered by sunlight... And under the stars, walking along the shore on sand as soft as flour, I take in the warm scents of the sea, which I'll remember whenever I long for summer."

     Country Living, October 1998

"The barefoot comfort and unassuming southern hospitality of The Beach House deliver seclusion and serenity. [a] landscape of the heart, a place where the sound of the surf buffers the intrusions of everyday, where time drifts with the sand an upscale, but laid back, Bed & Breakfast Inn, its weather-worn exterior belies its recent construction and its inner luxury, informal but plush comfort, somehow a house full of guests is absorbed so effortlessly that you feel as if the house is yours alone. Take the time, drop your shoes at the door, turn off your cell phone, drape yourself in a hammock or wiggle your toes in the sand. Let The beach House relax, restore and revitalize your peace of mind."

     North American Inns, Spring 2002

"Imagine a big rambling beach house perched atop the sand dunes with large porches overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The huge first floor porch wraps around the house, providing places to slip away for breakfast or midday snack. Relax in hammocks or wicker furniture, and enjoy the ocean breezes. Outdoor stairs take you up to the hot tub, where you can soak under sunny sky or moon and starts. Rise each morning to the smell of coffee and breakfast cooking, knowing you have found a place to bond with the sea."

     Most Romantic Destinations of the South (by Southern Bride Magazine), Summer 2002

"I'm not sure what to call it when I know a secret about a secret. The secret is that Alabama has beaches. Less crowded than the better known beaches... the area is also a bargain. The secret about secret is that the summer season is very nice, but fall is terrific and even more of a bargain to boot. Tall sand dunes, covered with wild sea oats and beach-rose bushes, also serve as bird and wildlife sanctuaries. The gulf water is a brilliant emerald-green, sometimes even a golden hue, an intriguing richness of color that I haven't experience anywhere else. A small disclaimer: the word 'unique' is almost loathsome to most travel journalists. It's become so over-used that we are afraid to apply it, even when it's appropriate. I use unique here, without trepidation, in describing the Beach House B&B, hammocks and wicker, comfortable furniture, panoramic views, a great respecter of privacy, breakfasts are as comforting as the surroundings, rate plans are designed to give you flexibility."

     Best Fares, April 2004

"Beachfront Beauty.  While the look and feel of the [Alabama] shoreline is undergoing a transformation that is expected to resemble much of the Florida coastline in the next decade with several hotels, condominiums and homes, there are still hidden gems off the beaten path. One of these is the Beach House Bed & Breakfast on Fort Morgan beach in Gulf Shores, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, close by the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. The three-story house, nestled in the dunes, if the perfect refuge for couples on the Azalea Coast, a peninsula stretching across Mobile Bay."

     Journeys, The Official Publication of the AAA, July/August 2006 (selected editions)

Newspapers and Local Magazines:

"Down along Alabama's Gulf Coast, life is good. So good that Carol and Russell Shackelford left Atlanta's cosmopolitan entanglements and built a seaside getaway among the sandy dunes. So good that folks who visit the Shackelfords' Beach House bed-and-breakfast easily rediscover peace of mind as they relax in hammocks on the wide wooden porches or nap atop feather beds in sumptuous guest rooms, inhaling the salty breezes and listening to the tranquil cadence of the surf."

     Detroit Monthly, January 1997

"More than a few visitors will choose to forgo the other sites of the area to nap or read a book at The Beach House, which is situated on beach, and features swinging hammocks on several screened porches. The rooms, each unique, are worn-slipper cozy with pine floors, down comforters, ceiling fans and wicker furniture ..."

     The Sunday Chattanooga Free Press, May 4, 1997

"If you think coastal bed-and-breakfast inns are synonymous with restored Victorian houses, dark wood furniture and flocked wallpaper, The Beach House will give you a totally modern - and thoroughly relaxing - perspective on taking a beach vacation. Though weather-beaten on the outside, the angled interior walls are painted white with built-in bookshelves on every floor, and the living area is furnished with oversized chairs and a sofa that has claimed more than one guest to slumber. All the rooms feature the customized beds on which you can literally float away your troubles. This bed-and-breakfast is ideally situated for golfers who want to play the links at the nearby Kiva Dunes and Peninsula courses, sports fishermen who want to trawl the Gulf's waters, or birders who would enjoy hiking in the wildlife refuge. Carol Shackelford's breakfasts are inventive and satisfying, enough to carry you over until dinner."

     The Boston Herald, May 15, 1997

"This stunning three-story house ...overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, close to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge... spectacular 10-mile views ...private hot-tub deck ...reading nooks with filled bookshelves TV, phone or shoes ..."

     The Sunday Montgomery Advertiser, May 25, 1997

"For some, Alabama's natural sand-duned beaches speak of Florida's west coast before development. Others see it as an affordable challenging golf destination they want to keep secret. And for people such as innkeepers Carol and Russell Shackelford, it is where personal dreams of peace and serenity become reality. Caught up in professional urban pursuits, the Shackelfords took a vacation here a few years ago and discovered a soul-soothing balm beside the unspoiled dunes...On their private piece of sand, the built their Beach House B&B - a rambling wooden retreat with modern amenities and a rustic façade. Today, their guests ruminate on their own lives in hammocks and a hot tub on the inn's porches, read a novel by the sand and watch Lucy, the inn dog and a Benji look-alike, frolic with herons and sand crabs at their feet. On these shores, it's easy to find yourself some measure of tranquility ..."

     The Washington Sunday Times, September 14, 1997

"For those who really want to escape, I recommend the Beach House Bed and Breakfast ...the rambling house is tucked away in the dunes. There are hammocks for serious contemplation, porches and decks, hot tubs for soaking away stress and sumptuous beds for snoozing...Breakfast is included, and given the breathtaking location and accommodations, The Beach House is a real bargain."

     Sunday Travel section of the Alexandria Journal, Arlington Journal, Fairfax Journal, Montgomery Journal, Prince George's Journal, Prince William Journal, September 28, 1997

"a delightful alternative to gulf-front high rises ...carefully designed to maximize both the view and comfort in each of the guest rooms ...wonderfully decadent screened porches ...lots of extra touches . . ."

     The Sunday Tennessean, December 20, 1998

"tucked among the dunes ... three scrumptious floors of beach house retreat ocean breezes caress the wide-screened porches filled with hammocks and wicker ... spectacular views of endless gulf waters meeting sandy beaches... five guest rooms... each is decorated for comfort as well as beauty ...people feel like they can put their feet up or sit down with a wet bathing suit..."

     Sunday Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS), April 11, 1999

'Did you make a New Year's resolution? Was it that you were going to spend more time with your significant other? Were you going to finish writing that story or screenplay? Or were you going to allow yourself the luxury of time? Well, I have the perfect place for all those things. The Beach House Bed and Breakfast sits at the western edge of Gulf Shores, and although there are resorts nearby, the area still feels undiscovered. Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is nearby, accounting in large part for the feeling that you have found your own untrodden stretch of beach. The house is was beautiful and cozy, with wonderful ship-inspired architectural touches. The rooms have lovely appointments. Have you ever stayed at a Westin Resort and slept in their "heavenly bed"? Take that and multiply it by a hundred and you have the Beach House beds. They are that comfortable. Every morning, we blearily stumbled downstairs to be served the best breakfast I have ever had at a Bed and Breakfast. Why would you ever want to leave? Is there anything more luxurious than unencumbered time with your love at the Beach House"

     Kudzu Magazine, February 2003

Travel Guides:

"nestled among dunes, the Beach House is a tribute to owners Russ and Carol Shackelford ... who know well how to promote relaxation. Breakfasts include apple-puff pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, homemade biscuits topped with melted cheese and smothered in tomato-basil gravy, a favorite spot is the screened porch, a grand vantage point guest rooms are uncluttered, breezy, and let the ocean seem almost to come indoors, especially recommended."

     Fodor's The South's Best Bed & Breakfast, 4th Edition, 1999

"Best in the South"

     Arringtn's Inn Traveler, Winter 2003


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