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  West Wing First Floor Tour

A Tour of the Breezeway House' West Wing First Floor

The West wing of the Breezeway House is designed to serve as an ideal "private bubble" that gives the homeowner a private oasis even when hosting a multitude of friends and family.

Downstairs, it features a Great Room with two Living Areas, a Dining Booth looking out on the water, a compact Gourmet Kitchen, an Office Alcove, and a full Bath with shower.

Both the upper and lower levels each have private Screened Porches with breathtaking views, both of the sea and of miles of undeveloped beach forever protected from development.

The Sea View Living Area

The first of two Living Areas features a comfy sofa, chair, and ottoman opposite a built-in window seat.

It's perfect for relaxing with a good book or visiting with friends while viewing the sea.

At various places, built-in bookshelves rise 8-feet from the floor. More bookshelves line the wall above window-height.

The Sea View Living Area

The Fireplace Living Area

The second Living Areas features another cozy seating group that faces inland.

It's oriented for watching either a built-in gas fireplace or television. It's the ideal spot for watching surround-sound widescreen movies or for gazing at the fire in the slate-hearth fireplace.

A central tower in the built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves can be configured either with or without the fireplace. Photos show each configuration.

[Note: Because I fell victim to an irrational need to watch movies and football in High Defintion, the central tower is now configured with a 55" HD TV. However, the fireplace and slate surround is still on-hand, and the central tower can easily be returned to its original fireplace configuration.]

Both Fireplace and HDTV

The Kitchen Nearby

The Great Room is spacious

The Compact Gourmet Kitchen

The Kitchen is designed to meet the needs of someone who loves to cook. The challenge was to accomplish this in a compact area.

As in the High Dunes House, the custom cabinetry is simple by design: white wooden cabintes with extensive use of real beaded-board and nickel-plated bin-pulls give the feeling of a 1930's "butler's pantry".

It features a SubZero refrigerator is "all fridge". A standalone freezer is in the pantry.

The full-size Wolf range has a double oven, gas burners, an electric grill, plus the large "French Top" cooking surface that cooks love.

Tucked under the counters are a Scotsman ice maker and Bosch dishwasher.

The large Kohler sink is mounted in the counter surface of Indian slate.

The compact design didn't leave room for a full-time pastry station but we have one anyway: a pull-out soapstone pastry surface is mounted with industrial strength hardware.

One side of the kitchen peninsula is raised to bar-height, so friends and family can be near the cook without getting in the way.

The result of the design is a Gourmet Kitchen that meets the needs of demanding cooks, with everything only a step away.

Bar-height counter

The Compact Gourment Kitchen

The Dining Booth

In the High Dunes House, we included the Dining Booth because we thought it would be a "nice touch". In living with it, we found it was a favorite spot for people to gather not just at mealtime, but throughout the day for conversation or game playing.

This lesson informed the design of the Breezeway House. We rejected the idea of any "formal" dining area and instead had our carpenters copy the booth from the High Dunes House... and make it bigger. Instead of accomodating 4-to-6, the booth in the Breezeway House is longer, and it's perfect for 6-to-8 people. Its surface is granite.

The booth nestles into a bay window, providing views of both the sea and miles of forever-protected beach.

West Wing Booth

The Office Alcove

Tucked into a large alcove is the Office Area, furnished with built-in cabinets.

Like the kitchen, the cabinetry is simple, with custom white wooden cabinets and nickel-plated bin-pulls.

It's designed to hide office equipment from view, while providing easy access to it. Drop-down cabinet fronts reveal spaces for a fax and a printer.

A 4-foot credenza drawer holds a file cabinet's worth of files and records without the need for a file cabinet to clutter the space.

Several drawers, both large and small, provide ample room for office supplies and all the little things you want nearby. Open shelves in the end panels provide room for magazines and books.

A 5-foot section of cabinet surface is open underneath, providing a roomy desk area. And the other cabinet-top surfaces expand the working surface to 14-feet.

Office Alcove

The First-floor Screened Porch

The West Wing has not one, but two private screened porches.

The first floor Screened Porch presents panoramic views from the Southwest to due-East, taking in both the sea and miles of virgin beach and dunes of the WildLife Refuges.

Currently furnished with a set of wicker sofa and chairs, a large teak table, and several smaller wooden chairs, it accommodates 8 with ease.

The First Floor Porch is positioned two feet below the level of the first floor so that porch activity doesn't block the view from the Booth.

Large roll-up shades provide privacy from the Breezeway and the stairs to the second level. When you want more openness, up go the shades.

West Wing First Floor Porch-1

With a large, flexible space that is both airy and cozy, and with its panoramic views of water, beach, and dunes, the West Wing's First Floor provides the perfect arrangement for either full- or part-time daily living.

This page is about the West Wing's First Floor   within   The Breezeway House.

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