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  Third Floor Tour

A Tour of the High Dunes House' Third Floor

The third floor rises more than 30 feet above the ground for breathtaking views. It features two very large J-shaped bedrooms, each with private bath and seating area, yet another stairwell library, and large private third-floor deck.

The Third Floor Landing

As the stairs wrap around up from the Second Floor, the Third Floor welcomes you with yet more floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. This time, the space is large enough for a comfortable reading chair, floor lamp, and table

The 3rd Floor Stairwell Library

Bedroom #5

Currently furnished with a king-size cherry sleigh bed and oriental carpets, it also features a seating area (now with loveseat, chair and ottoman).

Its private bath includes a Jacuzzi tub with flexible shower.

The warm wood and soft jade walls make this the most soothing, restful place of all.

Bedroom #5-1

Bedroom #5-2

Bedroom #6

Bedroom #6 is also a suite sized room. Its windows and exterior door present panoramic views across the horizon

Currently furnished with a mahogany 4-poster bed and oriental carpets, it too has a sitting area (now with wicker loveseat and armchair).

Its private bath includes a Jacuzzi tub with flexible shower, with a window view towards Mobile Bay.

The warm wood floors and cathedral beams combine with soft tusk walls to make this a bright an airy room.

It not only gives panoramic views across the horizon, it also opens directly to the large third-floor deck where views are absolutely stunning.

Bedroom #6-kwbig

Bedroom #6-2

The Third Floor Deck

Bedroom #6 opens to its own private deck.

While the High Dunes building site provides wonderful views from throughout the house, the third-floor deck outdoes the rest. The deck is large, wrapping around the southern and western sides of the house, and it's extra height means that the views are truly breathtaking. Not only is the Gulf of Mexico laid out down below, but if you look in just the right spot, you can also see a sliver of Mobile Bay to the north.

From the Third Floor Deck to the East

From the Third Floor Deck to the South

From the Third Floor Deck to the West

With its panoramic views, the Third Floor provides the most remarkable views of any home on the coast. The only way to view the coastline from a taller perspective is in a high-rise condo.

Many of our B&B guests rearrange their vacations to find a slot when these rooms are available.

The photos above are taken from the Third Floor Deck: notice how the deck peers down from above on the top-floor condos built at the western edge of the Wildlife Refuge.

This page is about the Third Floor   within   The High Dunes House.

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