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  Lower Level Tour

A Tour of the High Dunes House' Lower Level

Beneath the first floor, the lower level houses three garages, a large laundry room, a large storage room, and a workbench alcove. Just outside, tucked under the porch, is a potting bench for working with flowers and other plants.

Three Garages

From the sandy-gravel lane, back behind the High Dunes House, the driveway enters the guest parking area where there is ample room for 6 to 8 cars.

The drive continues past the guest parking area and curves up the dune to the High Dunes House.

Each of three garages has its own garage door.

Above the central garage, you can see the grill deck. It opens from one of the two kitchen pantries.

One garage is extra long, providing an additional 10 feet of length for a Workbench Alcove at its far end.

Drive winds up to the garages

South from the Garages

A workbench Alcove past the car

The Laundry Room

The Second Floor linen closet has laundry hook-ups, but we learned quickly that a B&B requires more. So, we installed ample laundry facilities in the Lower Level, just down the stairs from the Kitchen.

It includes additional linen shelves, storage for guest beverages, and an alcove for another refrigerator (for pre-chilling guest beverages).

If your plans don't include a B&B, this space can be devoted to creating a wonderful studio or workshop.

From the Laundry Room, doors open to the garages and to the large Storage Room.

Laundry from stairs to Kitchen

Shelves for Linen and Beverages

The Potting Bench

The climate is great for flowers and plants. But where do you pot them?

Tucked under the First Floor wrap-around porch, a Potting Bench provides workspace in the shade.

Most windows have storm shutters, but not the Screened Porch. Metal storm panels are stored in the wall-mounted box.

An outdoor-rated CAT-5E cable runs under the boardwalk, taking broadband internet access down to the Breezeway House.

The Potting Bench

View South from the Potting Bench

Airy rooms and panoramic views are important at the beach. But practical needs go well beyond these things.

  • We need places to park out of the sun.
  • We need spaces for working with tools and with linens.
  • And we need a place to work with flowers and plants.

The Lower Level meets all these needs in ways that cannot be found in most beach houses.

This page is about the Lower Level   of   The High Dunes House.

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If you want to stop by and view the property, you are welcome to visit...
but, please, it is very important that you work with us to make arrangements in advance.

Please understand that we cannot accommodate unplanned drop-in visits.

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