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  Exterior Decks and Boardwalk Tour

A Tour of the High Dunes House' Exterior Stairs, Decks, and Boardwalks

Time at the sea is special because of what's outside the home. The siting of the High Dunes House is remarkable, as it sits high atop the secondary dunes. The location, and the height of the lot, provides panoramic views for miles and miles. To honor the setting, we built porches and decks everywhere.

Guest Entry

When guests arrive, they park at the leeward side of the dune, a sheltered spot that helps keep salt spray off their cars.

From the parking area, stairs climb the dune, and a boardwalk leads around and up to the huge wrap-around porch

As guests enter the porch, they are greeted by French doors which welcome them into the house.

Guest parking area

Stairs Climb from Parking Area

Guests arrive on the porch

The Exterior Stairway

The exterior stairway faces the sea. It serves two important purposes.

It provides a critical safety function. In the sad event of a fire or other crisis that might block the interior stairs, the exterior stairs provide an alternate route to safety. From both the second and third floors, those who are inside the house can exit safely and securely via the exterior stairs. It also provides wonderful vantage points for enjoying the breathtaking views, regardless of the moment.

  • If it's sunrise or sunset...
  • If it's a dark starry night or one bathed in bright moonlight...
  • If it's a moment of solitude or a holiday fireworks display...

Nomatter the situation, the Exterior Stairs are a great place to be.

Stairs from the Lower Deck

The Hot Tub Deck

Halfway down the exterior stairs, a special landing is engineered to support a large hot tub. There's no better place to watch the sunset or the moonrise.

The Hot Tub Deck

The Boardwalk to the Sea

More than 700 feet of boardwalk connect the High Dunes House to both the Breezeway House and to the beach.

Boardwalk to the Sea

Porches and Decks

Porches and Decks were included in our floor-by-floor tour of the High Dunes House.
To revisit those Porches and Decks, click on the appropriate picture, below.

First Floor Porch Second Floor Porch Third Floor Deck
Click above to go to the 1st Floor Porch. Click above to go to the 2nd Floor Porch. Click above to go to the 3rd Floor Deck.

In addition to all the good things about exterior decks, stairs, porches and boardwalks by the sea, the High Dunes House' network of these things has proved to offer another benefit, one that we didn't plan for: the house can accommodate very large groups of people without feeling crowded. This became evident to us on occasions when the entire B&B was booked for a wedding and reception. It is not unusual about having weddings at our B&B, but it is unusual that a reception party would prove to be three or four times the number of guests we had planned for. For various reasons, we limit catered wedding receptions to groups of about 30 guests. On a few occasions we found ourselves amid groups that ranged in size from 85 to 125 people. The porches, decks, and exterior stairs absorbed the large number of people in a way that was truly remarkable. Even with those overly-large parties, it never felt crowded.

So, just as the interior design of the High Dunes House permits a dozen people to stay without feeling crowded, with everyone having a sense of comfort, space, and privacy, so too the exterior design seems able to simply absorb a very large number of people without effort. The High Dunes House does both these things to an extent that cannot be found in most homes of any kind.

This page is about the Exterior Decks and Boardwalks   of   The High Dunes House.

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but, please, it is very important that you work with us to make arrangements in advance.

Please understand that we cannot accommodate unplanned drop-in visits.

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