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  East Wing First Floor Tour

A Tour of the Breezeway House' Downstairs Guest Suite

The East wing of the Breezeway House is designed to serve as ideal accommodations for friends and family. The goal is provide luxurious accommodations for guests while protecting the homeowners' sense of having their own private oasis.

Downstairs, a spacious Guest Suite features a large bedroom, a large living room, an expanded "wet bar/kitchette", a dining area, a bath with jacuzzi tub and separate shower, and a private screened porch with breathtaking views.

The layout of the Downstairs Guest Suite is identical that of the Upstairs Suite. They differ in that the Upstairs Guest Suite has a cathedral ceiling with exposed structural beams while the Downstairs Guest Suite has 10-foot ceilings. In addition, the two suites are currently furnished somewhat differently.

Opening onto the First Floor Breezeway, it has its own private entrance.

Upstairs, a Laundry Room opens onto the Second Floor Breezeway. This permits guests to have the convenience of laundry facilities without the need to use those in the West wing's Owner's Cottage.

The Downstairs Guest Suite's Living Room

The Living Room in the Downstairs Guest Suite is spacious, with 10-foot ceilings from which a Hunter Original ceiling fan is mounted.

Currently, it is furnished with sofa, chair and ottoman, and 39" HDTV.

Guests have a direct view the water to the South and miles of virgin beach and dunes in the National Wildlife Refuge to the East.

Downstairs Suite Living Room-2

Downstairs Suite Living Room-1

The Downstairs Guest Suite's Wet-bar/Kitchette

Inside the Downstairs Guest Suite's private entrance, a large wet bar/kitchenette provides the same look-and-feel as the West Wing's kitchen: simple white wooden custom cabinetry and shelves, with beaded-board end panels and nickel-plated bin-pulls.

The countertop is Indian slate, with a Kohler bar sink and plenty of room for microwave and coffee-maker. Tucked under the countertop is compact SubZero refrigerator/freezer with ice-maker, and a Miele dishwasher.

A nearby pantry provides room for whatever might be kept on hand

(You might wonder, "Why no rangetop or stove?" The answer is simple: "Zoning laws, that's why.")

Downstairs Wet-bar/Kitchenette-1

The Downstairs Guest Suite's Dining Area

Tucked into the Living Room of the Downstairs Guest Suite is a Dining Area that is currently furnished with a round wooden dining table and carved wooden chairs.

It's used for playing games, and for using a laptop via wireless internet access, as much as for dining.

Through the adjacent window, the view of the beach and dunes of the National Wildlife Refuge extends for miles.

Downstairs Suite Dining Area

The Downstairs Guest Suite's Bedroom

The Bedroom of the Downstairs Guest Suite is spacious and airy. It is currently furnished with a white king-size Country-style bed.

If guests open the blinds, they can wake to breathtaking sunrises over the National Wildlife Refuge.

Overhead, a Hunter Original ceiling fan, mounted to the 10-foot ceiling, can provide a cool breeze even on still nights.

As elsewhere in the Breezeway House the warm wood, soft jade walls, and pale blue ceiling make the Bedroom of the Downstairs Guest Suite a soothing, restful place.

Downstairs Suite Bedroom-1

Downstairs Suite Bedroom-2

The Downstairs Guest Suite's Bath

The Master Bath of the Downstairs Guest Suite opens directly off the Bedroom and provides both a jacuzzi and shower.

Custom tile wainstcotting gives way to warm green walls. Above, the pale blue ceiling adds to the soothing atmosphere.

The Downstairs Suite Bath-1

The Downstairs Suite Bath-2

The Downstairs Guest Suite's Screened Porch

The Living Room of the Downstairs Guest Suite opens directly onto a private Screened Porch.

Currently furnished with a matched pair of wicker rocking chairs, it presents breathtaking vews from the South to due-East, taking in miles of the National Wildlife Refuge.

It's a perfect spot for watch the morning sunrise, blue seas in the afternoon, or moonrise at night.

Downstairs Suite Porch-2

With a spacious Living Room, roomy Bedroom, a Wet-bar/Kitchenette, a Dining Area and private Screened Porch, the Downstairs Guest Suite is its own little world.

Your favorite people can visit for extended periods wihtout "being right on top of you". This means you can spend time with family and friends in an ideal setting, yet everyone gets to maintain privacy and peace.

This page is about the East Wing's Downstairs Suite   within   The Breezeway House.

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