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  The Breezeway House

Breezeway House in front

Property #2: The Breezeway House

The Breezeway House is is the second house we built. After 7 years of using the High Dunes House as both a residence and a B&B, we designed the Breezeway House for a different purpose. Our goal was to incorporate the unique features of the High Dunes House in a design aimed at fulfilling a special goal.

Years of beach living taught us that friends and family love to visit, and often like to stay for more than just a day or two. We wanted to create a home that would let us treat our guests to very special accomodations, while at the same time giving ourselves a wonderful and private refuge. The Breezeway House does just that.

The house does exactly what we designed it to do:

  • The central screened-in breezeway effectively divides the house into two wings.
  • The West wing provides a compact oasis for a couple, suitable for either full-time or part-time living.
  • The East wing provides not just one, but two luxurious guest suites, each with separate living room, bedroom, bath, and screened porch.

The Breezeway House gives us the best of both worlds: We can give family and friends breathtaking accomodations that make them feel both "at home" and pampered, and it allows us to maintain both peace or privacy.

Design Elements

We designed the house to be a get-away to share with family and friends. Design elements that were (and are) important to us include the method of its construction, a feeling of solidness and spaciousness, the presence of nooks and crannies, expanses of porches and decks, and the feeling that "we've found the beach house we wish our grandmother had had".

    Click here for details about the Design Elements.

The West Wing: A Private Owner's Cottage:

The West wing welcomes you with a spacious Great Room on the first floor. It opens via a French door to private screened porch. The Great Room includes a living area with two seating groups, a large built-in booth for beachfront dining, and a compact custom kitchen with upscale appliances. In addition, an office alcove is designed to conceal office equipment in a compact space, and the downstairs bath includes a shower. Upstairs, the roomy Master Bedroom features a window-seat alcove, walk-in closet, and custom bath with both a jacuzzi tub and a separate shower.

    Click here for a tour of the West Wing's First Floor.

    Click here for a tour of the West Wing's Second Floor.

The East Wing: Luxurious Guest Suites:

Across the breezeway, the East Wing provides remarkable accomodations for guests. Rather than just two guest rooms, the East Wing consists of two spacious guest suites. Each one is a little world unto itself, with its own bedroom, private bath, living room, dining area, wet bar/kitchentte, and private screened porch.

    Click here for a tour of the East Wing's Downstairs Suite.

    Click here for a tour of the East Wing's Upstairs Suite.

Above and Below:

Under the West Wing is a large two-car garage, with extra space for storage and laundry facilities. Stairs climb to the West Wing kitchen. Under the East Wing is an open deck, with teak furniture and a queen-size hammock. Guest parking is in the rear (shielding guests' cars from salt spray) with stairs to the rear of the first-floor breezeway. A built-in ladder climbs from the second-floor breezeway up to a crow's nest above, which gives views of both the Gulf and the Wildlife Refuge for miles.

    Click here for a tour of what's Above and Below the Breezeway House


If you want to stop by and view the property, you are welcome to visit...
but, please, it is very important that you work with us to make arrangements in advance.

Please understand that we cannot accommodate unplanned drop-in visits.

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