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  The Above-and-Below Tour

A Tour of What's Above and Below the Breezeway House

Beneath the West Wing is a two-car garage with alcoves for storage and laundry.

Behind the West Wing, a parking area accomodates two or three guest vehicles.

Beneath the East Wing, a huge Open Deck provides a place for climbing into a hammock to escape the hot sun or the gentle rain.

Above the Second Floor Breezeway, a built-in ladder climbs to a Crow's Nest that provides a bird's eye view in all directions.

An Enclosed Two Car Garage

From the private sandy-gravel lane that leads to the Breezeway House, the driveway leads to a two-car garage for the homeowner.

Within the garage, alcoves on three sides provide plenty of storage and room for homeowner's laundry equipment.

Interior stairs lead from the garage up to the West Wing's kitchen.

The drive wraps behind the Breezeway House where guests can park. Parking behind the house helps keep salt spray off guest cars.

At the rear of the house, an entry deck and stairs lead from the guest parking area up to the First Floor Breezeway.

Two car garage

The East Wing Deck

A large deck spreads out beneath the East Wing Guest Suites. Currently furnished with a queen-size hammock and teak furniture, it provides a hideaway beneath the house.

Between the Lower Deck and the Garage, racks of beach chairs and beach umbrellas make it easy to take what you need down the Boardwalk to the beach .

The Boardwalk extends in two directions:

  • It leads up to the High Dunes House.
  • It leads down to the Uncrowded Beach.

The East Wing Deck

A Rack for Beach Chairs

Boardwalk to the High Dunes House

Boardwalk to the Beach

The Crow's Nest Above

A built-in ladder climbs from the Second Floor Breezeway up to the Crow's Nest above.

From the Crow's Nest there are panoramic views in all directions:

  • To the South, the Gulf of Mexico goes on forever.
  • To the West, sunsets color the sky over the sea.
  • To the East, the National Wildlife Refuge goes on for miles.
  • To the North, the High Dunes House peers down from the secondary dunes.
Ladder to the Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest to the West

Crow's Nest to the East

Crow's Nest to the North

Looking back to the High Dunes House

Below the Breezeway House are:

  • A Two-car Garage for the homeowners.
  • Protected parking in the rear for guests.
  • Stairs lead up to the First Floor Breezeway from both the Boardwalk in front and Guest Parking in the rear.
  • A huge Open Deck for swaying in a hammock out of the sun on a hot day and out of the drizzle on a rainy day.
  • A built-in rack for stowing beach chairs and beach umbrelllas.

Above the Breezeway House is a Crow's Nest that gives panoramic views of:

  • The High Dunes House to the North.
  • The Gulf of Mexico to the South.
  • Sunsets over the water to the West.
  • Sunrises and miles of virgin beach and dunes to the East.

Where else can you find all this? If you know of another place, grab it!

This page is about the What's Above and Below The Breezeway House.

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Please understand that we cannot accommodate unplanned drop-in visits.

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