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A Rare and Special Place
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On offer for the very first time...

The Beach Compound

A Rare and Special Place by the Sea

An exclusive, informal refuge...

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  View to the East

People want things that are hard to find. An old beach house retreat is one of them. A big, rambling wooden house high atop the dunes... large porches overlooking the sea... hammocks and wicker for lounging... comfortable furniture that you can put your feet upon... bedroom windows that give panoramic views and catch sea breezes... freedom to stroll through the dunes, walk in the surf, swim out to meet the dolphins... or curl up with a good book and drift off into a nap under a lazy ceiling fan... a comfortable place to sip a cold drink while watching the sunset fill the sky... big, sumptuous beds in which to sleep and snuggle.

In the early 1990's, when we were in our early 40's, we decided to create a special place for ourselves. Over time, we assembled three beach lots adjacent to the Congressional boundaries of a beachfront national wildlife refuge. We designed and built special custom homes on two of those lots, and kept the third vacant, waiting for inspiration for a third beach house. We also built a B&B business that gained national attention without advertising. Now, more than 15 years after we began to create our oasis, we find that our priorities are changing. As we near retirement age, it is time for us to move on. For us, the only sad aspect is that it's time to let go of the magical place we created at the sea.

We invite you to consider our special place. Now on offer for the very first time, our compound consists of three special properties adjacent to one another: two parcels have special houses that create an easy and informal atmosphere, while the third lot is vacant, waiting for a seaside cottage with its own special views. Available either as a whole or in part, and suitable for use as either a private retreat or a B&B, we offer you a rare and special chance to have the kind of experience that we created for ourselves. As our nation's coastline is consumed by concrete condominiums, finding the beach "the way it used to be" becomes harder and harder. Our place is the exception. Just step out the door to find miles of natural beach and dunes habit that will be preserved forever. We know that our beach compound is special, and we expect that you will think so too.

About The Property

The Beach Compound consists of three adjacent beach properities:

  • The High Dunes House: as seen in various national magazines, a six bedroom house with great room, custom kitchen, two huge screened porches, and a network of exterior decks. Sitting high atop the dunes, it provides panoramic views over the water for miles and miles.

  • The Breezeway House: a two part house, with Owner's quarters on one side of the breezeway, and two luxurious guest suites on the other. The Owners quarters features a great room downstairs (with custom kitchen, bath, and private porch) and master bedroom upstairs (with another private porch, and a bath with separate jacuzzi and shower). Across the breezeway, each guest suite has it's own great room and bedroom, a private screened porch, and private bath with separate jacuzzi tub and shower. It's perfect for entertaining friends and family, with everyone having plenty of private space.

  • The Perfect View Beach Lot: space for a third house with what might be the best beach view anywhere. Adjacent to permanently protected habitat, it looks upon miles of beach and dunes that will never be developed.

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Together, the two existing custom beach homes feature:

  • Nine bedrooms, each with private bath; most can be considered "masters", with a jacuzzi tub, direct porch access, spacious accommodations, etc;
  • Four living rooms;
  • Two custom kitchens, with appliances by SubZero, Wolf, and Dacor;
  • Three wetbars, with appliances by SubZero and Scotsman;
  • Six screened porches;
  • Various open decks, including a dedicated Hot Tub Deck;
  • More than 700 feet of boardwalk;
  • Five indoor garages, with room for another 9 or more vehicles in outdoor parking spaces.

The two custom homes feature special touches such as:

  • Stairs that wind up and around.
  • Natural pine floors, tung-oiled to show the grain and knots.
  • Low maintenance exteriors of natural cypress or sturdy Hardiplank.
  • A place designed for scattering Oriental rugs atop the wood floors.
  • French doors that open outward, so that they open the house to breezes while blustery winds seal them tightly.
  • Floorplans that combine cozy intimacy with a feeling of airiness and space.
  • Structural poles, naturally finished, that rise up through the houses like the masts of old sailing ships.
  • A location down a sandy gravel lane, near a National Wildlife Refuge where people are sparse and the beachfront will never be developed.

Depending on your circumstance and preferences, it is perfect as a private compound for a family or enterprise, or as a one-of-a-kind, Bed and Breakfast. For the last 13 years, it has been used as a B&B that has developed both a national reputation and a substantial revenue stream (despite our practices which significantly inhibit income).

Because The Beach Compound is unique, within this web site we have tried to provide you the pictures and other information you may need to understand what makes the property a special find. We've tried to err on the side of giving you too much information, rather than not enough. On subsequent pages, we first provide an overview of the compound. Then we provide separate pages dedicated to each of the three parcels that comprise the compound. We then provide our asking prices, both for The Beach Compound as a whole and for various portions of it. We also provide information about property values in the area, to help you judge how our prices compare. Finally, we provide information for investors and prospective B&B owners who may be interested in the property's substantial established revenue stream.

We hope the information here will be helpful. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


If you want to stop by and view the property, you are welcome to visit...
but, please, it is very important that you work with us to make arrangements in advance.

Please understand that we cannot accommodate unplanned drop-in visits.

Introduction to The Beach Compound
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The Beach Compound
A Rare & Special Place by the Sea

An exclusive, informal refuge...

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